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Linkin Park's New Music Video Created In Project Spark

Team Dakota’s Project Spark is a tool for those interested in game design, or just wanting to mess around in a creative space. Apparently, it can also be used to create a music video, as demonstrated by this collaboration with Linkin Park.

The music video for "Guilty all the Same" was created entirely in Project Spark, and can be played or altered by users. A blog post by Larry Hryb (a.k.a. Major Nelson) says that people can create “a new music video, music game, or whatever else you’d like.”

The Project Spark beta was opened up to everyone with an Xbox One last week, but the PC version is still in closed beta. The full release is expected later this year, but no specific date has been announced. 

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  • Awesome! My favorite band, Project Spark is an awesome game. I suck at creating stuff but I love playing other people's worlds.

  • Oh man, I love Abraham Linkin!
  • That was really... dark. As in devoid of light. It appeared like a platform game with the music playing the background. I wouldn't really call it a "Music Video", but that's just me.
  • Very reminiscent of the points of authority video that was 10 years ahead of its time.
  • Hey look! Linkin Park remembered to bring some guitars this time!
  • Interesting, but it mostly did the same thing over and over and didn't use music ques for bigger impact(personal pet peeve) example big symbol crash should mean some big result in game/video. Decent though.

  • Man I sure don't like Linkin Park and that dislike had sort of become dormant until now. But yeah really not a very bright video. Much shadow. Not much happening at all. Really repetitive. Seemed like it would kind of be boring to play. This Project Spark mumbo jumbo seems like a cool idea, but EH. Something about it just doesn't really grab me. I'll probably try out the PC version if it goes into open beta before I really form an opinion.

  • That was really really really was literally just 7 minutes of running. Big friggin whoop. Also, seriously Linkin Park needs to just stop. Their first two CDs were fantastic, now they're just trying too hard.
  • wow very unimpressed.

  • The video is awesome but the song is terrible and not cause it's linkin park. It's just repedative void of originality, sounds like a damn Sum 41 song or every other terrible pop punk song of the early 2000's

  • It just didn't seem like a music video. It was like a background track.

  • Why would you want to touch anything from Linkin Park these days?

  • A lame repetitive music video does little to help Linkin Park's lame and reprieve music in my opinion. It's cool that Project Spark can be used in this way though.
  • Linkin Park is my favorite band!!! Best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Linkin Park is my favorite band!!! Best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Time for some self bragging. Linkin Park has been in my studio for months working on this album. Nice folks
  • Awesome. This video reminds me of FreQuency and Amplitude.

  • Pretty cool. I like how LP often tries to do things like this with videos. And I'm not talking about the Frgt/10 vid. I'm a big fan, looking forward to the new album.

  • All this keeps making me think is that we really need some more music-focused platforming games.
  • Eww, linkin park

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