Welcome back to my Prof Layton and The Unwound Future Guide. Let's go.

No. 016 What day is it? 2     Type: Select and Submit     Location: Arcade

If seven days after 70 days ago was Sunday, seven days before 70 days from today is what day of the week?

Tap your answer, and then tap Submit.

Answer: Sunday

No. 017 The Messy Note     Type: Write Answer     Location: Restaurant

It seems you need to enter a number to open the door. The only clue you have is a hastily written note from a woman known for her poor handwriting.

So, what's the number?

Answer: 8

No. 018 Slippery Trip 1     Type: Banana Slip     Location: Arcade East Exit

Make your way from the start to the goal, but be wary of banana peels. Whenever you step on one, you'll slide without stopping until you hit a wall!

Can you find a way through these slippery streets?

Tap the red arrows to move.

Answer: left, down, up, up, up, up, up, left, left, down, down, up, up, left, left, up, up, up, left, left, left, down, left

No. 019 Checkerboard Bridge     Type: Write Answer     Location: Flatstone St. 2

The bridge below has been painted in a black-and-white checkerboard pattern.

Starting at the bottom-left arrow, you need to cross the bridge and finish at the upper-right arrow.  You can move one squae at a time, either up, down, left, or right. You can't move diagonally.

Now here's the tricky part: how many different routes across are there that touch exactly four black squares and three white squares?

Answer: 15

No. 020 Making The Rounds     Type: Circle Answer     Location: Reception

A doctor needs to visit nine different hospital rooms. After studying the room numbers, she notices that she can visit all the rooms in one round. In order to do so, she must go into a room that has at least one shared digit with the one she's currently in.

Using this method, which room will she visit fifth? Circle the correct number.

Answer: 63

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