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Puzzle Update 1

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Puzzle Update 1

Welcome to puzzle update 1. So let's go.

No.006 Needling Needles     Type: Write Answer     Location: Back Room

"It's so dark in the shop that I'm having trouble seeing these tiny needles and thread. Can you help me out of this jam, dearie?'

There are 2 threads, A and B. How many needles' eyes does thread A pass through?

Answer: 10

No. 007 What's the Time?     Type: Write Answer     Location: Back Room

This analog clock fell off the wall and hit the floor so hard that all of the numbers popped off! What a mess...

The clock also stopped working when it hit the ground, but even without the numbers, you can still tell exactly what time it fell.

What time is the clock showing? Don't worry about a.m. and p.m.

Answer: 6:00

No. 008 The Odd Clock     Type: Write Answer     Location: Clock Shop

Here is a numberless clock that some prankster has rotated an unknown amount. The clock is still running normally, though, and each colored circle on its face represents an hour.

Even without the numbers, you can still tell what time it is. Write down the exact hour. It doesn't matter whether it's a.m or p.m., But your answer should be in the form of xx o'clock.

Answer: 12:00

No. 009 Cogged Down     Type: Press Button     Location: Back Room

Your task is to make the top and bottom cogs turn clockwise, as shown by the red arrows in the diagram. In order to do this, which extra cog should be inserted, A, B, or C?

Tap the letter in the center of the correct cog to submit your answer.

Answer: B

No. 010 What Day Is It? 1     Type: Select and Submit     Location: Anita's Place

Even though we're constantly passing through time, sometimes it can be difficult to think about the way time flows.

If yesterday"s day after tomorrow is Sunday, what day is tomorrow's day before yesterday?

Tap your answer, and then tap submit.

Answer: Friday

That's all for this puzzle date. Bye.