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Proffesor Layton and the Unwound Future Puzzle Guide

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Proffesor Layton and the Unwound Future Puzzle Guide

Welcome to my puzzle guide. I will Put 5 up a time. So let's get started.

No.001. Party Crasher     Type: Arrange     Location: City Square

There's an univited guest atmthe event, but the guard has received a few clues as to his whereabouts.

"His table is next to one with a red flower. His tablecloth is a different color than any next to it. Oh, and his table isn't decorated with a yellow flower."

"Next to" means tables connected by dotted lines. Take the guard to the intruder's table.

Answer: The table with both a red flower and tablecloth.


No.002 The Clock Shop     Type: Circle Answer     Location: Midland Bus Stop

Below is the map to the clock shop that accompanied the letter from the future Luke. Using the times on the side of the map as clues, find the shop.

Draw a circle around the letter of the correct building and then tap Submit.

Answer: H

No. 003 Bus Scheduling     Type: Press Button     Location: Midland Road

It takes you one hour to get to the office by bus. Your work takes two hours to complete, after which you catch the bus back home.

Based on the departure times listed below, which bus,A,B,C,D,or E, should you take to work in order to minimize the wait for a ride home?

Note: The departure times for the buses home are listed to the right.

Answer: E

No. 004 Moving Day     Type: Write Answer     Location: Midland Rd. (Fork)

Two men are moving boxes from the first floor to the third. The larger man can carry two boxes at a time, and it takes him one minute to get to the third floor.The smaller one can carry only one box at a time, but it takes him just thirty 30 Seconds to make it to the third floor. For both men, the return trip to the first floor is the same as the trip up.

If ther were 7 boxes total, how many minutes would it take the men to get all the boxes to the third floor?

Answer: 3

No. 005 The Timepiece     Type: Select     Location: Clock Shop Front

You,ve Arrived at the clock shop, but there doesn't seem to be away to open the door.

While you're looking for the doorknob, a voice from inside calls out,

"Press the panel with the time piece."

What panel do you press? Remember, you can press only one.

Answer: The second one on the top row from the left to the right.

That's all for this Puzzle Update.