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  • Blog Post: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future: Another Cereal Guy Moment

    Dear me. It appears I've done it again. Gone and had a "Cereal Guy" moment. If you don't understand the meme, google it. When I first saw the Professor Layton games come out, I was not amused, and not impressed. My youngest sibling also thought the same thing...until one of her friends... More
  • Blog Post: rinse repeat

    When professor Layton first graced the ds, accompanied with a guerilla add campaign, i was excited. Truth be told I dusted off my little handheld and within the first week of release, I held my copy in my hand all the way home (while driving). The game was fun, puzzles where challenging and I felt smarter... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Of An Allready Great Series!

    Just to let everybody know, this is not the last one. I don't even think the next series is a prequel because then Luke would be around three years old, but let me get on with the actual review. This is definitely the best one yet. It has the most puzzles, best story, more variety of puzzles, best... More
  • Blog Post: What Were You Expecting? 'Cause You Got It

    In short, I loved the Unwound Future. The story takes even more impossible twists, some of which fall into the pattern of plots previous, but overall, the most interesting of the three thus far. The animated cutscenes are as detailed and relavant as ever, and there are more environment-related puzzles... More
  • Blog Post: Mray Reviews: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

    Solve this riddle for me. Level 5 has made the third game in the "Professor Layton" series. Is it worth playing? If you answered "No", you're wrong my friend. This game is amazing. Story: The Professor is on another adventure, er, investigation. This time, into the terrible future... More
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