Dear me. It appears I've done it again.

Gone and had a "Cereal Guy" moment.

If you don't understand the meme, google it.

When I first saw the Professor Layton games come out, I was not amused, and not impressed.

My youngest sibling also thought the same thing...until one of her friends sucked her into playing all of them.

Now she's got me playing them.Till recently, the only experience I can even say came close to these games was Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. Now I see why it was labeled a Professor Layton look-alike. And I enjoyed that cheesy game like a guilty pleasure.

I just started playing, so I can't say too much. And I started mid-franchise again: the only one I've finished is Unwound Future.

But it is definitely an excellent game.

The quirky art style, the steampunk-like atmosphere, and the continual "true gentleman" spiels all lend to a very quaint and artful game.

And at last! A franchise with a beautiful and rich storyline!

As some on the internet would put it, "OMG the feels!"

The complexity of the characters, the depth of the story, and the cute twists that were thrown in (I figured them all out way before they happened) made it a good plot. I won't ruin it with spoilers. The voice actors are so comfortable with their characters that there's a marked difference between Curious Village and Unwound Future. The characters carry the story superbly, and all the loose ends are tied up at the end of the game beautifully. Did I mention the philosophical and somewhat tough subjects the story touches upon? Science cannot heal some of our greatest wounds as humans.  

Now please don't tar and feather me just yet, Layton Fans.

I know I'm about to step on sacred turf and the whole basis of the game, but there is one thing I absolutely detested. 

I hated the puzzles themselves. Most of them.

Why oh why are there word problems from high school algebra in a video game?!

The first time I encountered one of those puzzles from hell, I promptly raised my 3DS to fling it across the room almost instinctively. I have a natural aversion to algebra-driven word problems, apparently. However, I will admit the slide-the-blocks puzzles and untangle-the-cords/ropes/wires puzzles were fun. 

It makes me wonder how some who played this game actually got through it if it weren't for the internet and walkthrough guides.That would be me.

I've been instructed by both my sister and the GameStop associate who checked us out as we bought nearly the rest of the franchise to play through Professor Layton and the Curious Village before I dare attempt any others. And even then, I have to wait for my sibling to go and get the Diabolical Box before I can continue. 

I just wanted to play the latest one...Miracle Mask.For kicks and giggles.

Guess it will be a while then...