In short, I loved the Unwound Future.  The story takes even more impossible twists, some of which fall into the pattern of plots previous, but overall, the most interesting of the three thus far.  The animated cutscenes are as detailed and relavant as ever, and there are more environment-related puzzles and voice-over sequences.  There is a huge variety in puzzles, and while some are alike to the older ones, like the Diabodical Box, not a single one is repeated in the main storyline.  And the accordion returns!

The Professor's Trunk sidequest's return, with much the same purpose as the original: awards for solving puzzles, and a neat distraction between story sequences.  This time there is a driving minigame, a pseudo-freeform platformer (think Kirby: Canvas Curse), and a picture book to fill with stickers.  All are mildly interesting, though I found the platformer quite challenging.

The story itself has nearly double the amount of chapters as the Diabodical Box did, but while it may not necesarily be a longer game, it felt like a longer story.  The cutscenes are still used to convey the more important plot points, but it seemed as if some were cut short and replaced with voiced dialouge (which I am not complaining about).

I don't know how to write a conclusion, so I'm skipping straight to the key points:

Concept:  Give the Diabodical Box new puzzles and better graphics, sound, and story, but still make it feel like a new game

Graphics:  I was impressed.  Cutscenes are better, animations look smoother, and there is detail everywhere, just waiting to be noticed

Sound:  Music fits the mood, and is just like you remember it.  Voice-over quality and quantity is excellent and improved, but Flora sounds like a whiny rich kid.  Go figure

Playability:  Re-calibrate your touch screen, and you'll be rotating puzzle peices like nobody's buisness.  Also, I have to hand it to the improved memo system, with seperate erasers, colors, and line thicknesses

Entertainment:  I cried.  I'm a sensitive person, but I cried.  The plot works

Replay:  Moderately High