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A Great and Sad Tale Brimming with Puzzles


     I've played the Professor Layton series since last year, and have been waiting for this title for a year. After receiving it, I beat it in less than two days, due to my eagerness. The story was very wellcrafted, with those fun little moments like Luke and Layton,and the two final scene in the epilogue that left me spilling tears onto my DSi. 

     Playing both prequels, I was excited to hear there was even more voice acting and animation. It's all done very well, and the animation's quality improved from Diabolical Box. I was happy to see characters like Flora and Barton getting some more spotilight and voice acting, and to meet some all new ones like Shipley and Subject Three.

     As expected, we once met a certain explorer and a man with a 'stache and a scarf. Seeing them brings back memories of the old two games, as well as adding in some laughs. The puzzles in this game were alot more challenging(in my opinion) than the previous titles, but the Super Hint option helped sort that out. I liked how there were new types of puzzles, as well as the puzzle battles.

     One thing I am dissapointed in is how the Top Secret Bonuses cost more Picarats than the last two titles, but I expect that more challenge wanted to be added, which I can understand. There are more videos to see, so we should work harder to see them. Also, I liked the "To be Continued" picture, and, if you've looked at all at Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute, you could understand the picture.

    All in all, I loved this game, and I can't wait for the next one. Every year, this series seems to get more hype, and I believe it deserves every ounce of it.


  • Your just like me dude, I got the first one early last year and I recently beat the second one, the ending of the second one made me almost cry, maybe a few tears. I hope this isn't the last one.