Level 5 has already made a trilogy of great Professor Layton games, and the fourth one (1st in a new trilogy) in the series shows how well they've mastered it.

The story follows Layton as he solves the case of a mysterious specter that seems to be destroying a small town, Misthallery. Following him is his new assistant, Emmy. This girl is quick with her mind and fists, never afraid to take on a challenge with either. As they start looking for clues, they come across boy, the mayor's son. This boy is famous in Misthallery for seemingly predicting the exact time and location the specter will strike. Interestingly, this turns out to be the same boy that accompanies Layton on his later adventures. 

The  touch screen controls are, just like the others in the series, crisp and easy to handle. There's not much difference there, but that a good thing. The gameplay is like the others too, but as well, that's a good thing. All I need is more puzzles to keep me satisfied. The minigames in here a fun to solve, including getting a toy train to the station, directing a play, and helping a fish get gold.

One thing that was advertised much was a minigame, titled "Professor Layton's London Life". They say its a 100+ hour RPG, but really its just a dumbed down and less fun version of Animal Crossing. its fun when your first start off, but after a while it just gets repetitive. Even if you don't touch this game, you're still looking at around 17 hours of playtime. WAY longer than other DS games.

In the end the story left me heart wrenched and sad, but satisfied. I don't think it was as good as Unwound Future's ending, but this series is by far the best story you'll get on the DS.

So, this is another masterpiece made by Level 5, and they sohw no sign of stopping right now. One of the best games on the DS to date.