This guide will just be guidelines to follow for this game. Since there are many puzzles I can't give all the solutions here. What I can give are tips to help solve some of the harder puzzles.

Tip #1

The first tip is to stay focused and think about the problem before solving it.. Many of the puzzles require attention to detail. You will find that you may solve a puzzle after a bunch of brute force attempts when it couldn't have been solved in a few moves had you thought about it first. The puzzles where you need to move around blocks to get something out follow this rule well. They can often be solved in 10-20 or less moves. However I kept finding myself doing 30+ because I was being stubborn.

Tip #2

Make good use of the memo overlay they give you. The memo is a transparent overlay that lets you draw on the screen while still seeing the puzzle underneath. Very handy for puzzles that require path finding or to scribble some math down as needed.

Tip #3

Some puzzles are just very hard. Save those hint coins for when you're truly stuck at some point. If you use them on whim you will not have any when you truly need them.

Tip #4

This is an extension of tip 3. Search everywhere for hint coins. You will need them at some point in time. Keep them stockpiled. Click on every object on the screen. Sometime it is obvious where a coin will be and other times not so much. They are fond of putting coins on the seat part of a chair.

More to come