This game was very entertaining and the right amount of challenging.

Pros:  Great story, fun mini-games, fantastic music, great voice and video clips, pretty good replay value, and good challenging puzzles.

Cons: The fact that you can't erase just some of the memo when you are doing your work.

This game had a fantastic story that kept you guessing and engaged and in the end I was left crying.  Yes, crying.  It's actually a VERY good thing if I cry at the end of a game, so don't get the wrong idea.  The new mini-games in this game were also very fun and it helps you to unwind from having to solve puzzles all the time.  My personal favorite was the Tea Set Mini-game.  Musically speaking, it's about the same as the Curious Village. The voice and movie clips were as good (if not better) as the Curious Village as well.  The replay value is much like the other game too.  Once you beat the game you have more puzzles in the bonus section and you can always go back to your favorite puzzles from the story mode whenever you like.  Speaking of puzzles, the puzzles, in my opinion, were a tad bit easier than in the Curious Village.  Not too much easier, they were still challenging,  but they were not as pull-your-hair-out frustrating as the puzzles in the Curious Village.

Before I wrote this I thought I was going to leave this section blank, but as I read the GI rating I noticed one flaw that I completely agree with on the game.  When you are solving a puzzle you have the "memo" function.  This function basically acts like scratch paper.  The problem with the memo function is that when you write something down and you want to erase it, you have to clear out the ENTIRE thing.  This can be very frustrating at times, especially when you want to leave most of your work there and you just want to erase a specific part, but in my opinion, this is a VERY minor flaw compared to the rest of this fantastic game.

Overall, this is a wonderful addition to the Professor Layton Series.