Well does he?

I swear these Professor Layton games are written by some pretty twisted souls.

Unwound Future wasn't bad at all.

But what the bloody dickens, Curious Village?!

I won't spoil it for those who are playing it, but seriously...that's one sick plot twist.Though for some reason I saw it coming...though not quite like that.

As it is the "first" Professor Layton game, the voice acting is a little rough, but it still carries the charm and quaintness of the other Layton games I've encountered so far.

The puzzles were again ridiculous. But the interwebs helped immensely. Don't judge.

And again, I was nearly asleep when I finished it.

The games really aren't that boring! I promise.

I am now starting Diabolical Box. My sister says its pretty twisted too.

Hurray for sick and twisted plots! As well as a sick gamer...I guess that's all I can do right now...play video games!

Cheers till next time!