Professor Layton and the Curious Village is one of the best brainteasing games ever to be created! Containing puzzles, riddles, and alot of mystery, this game is definately above ordinary. In the beginning the puzzles are very easy and simplistic, but don't be fooled because the difficulty of the puzzles definately increases as you progress through the game. Luckily you have the aid of hint coins throughout the game but this also has a downfall, you need to be wise with your hint coins because there are a limited amount of them. If you waist them on they easy puzzles you will recieve no help for the harder ones. I can not stress enough how difficult these puzzles can be! Even a Gamestop employee told me that the Layton series is definately not for kids, that even he could not solve and struggled on many of the puzzles contained in the game. Overall the game is addictive and the storyline has tons of twists and turns and you will never suspect what happens in the end.