As the first demo was released late July by Konami, there have been raving reviews about the upcoming Pro evolution game, and now i'm back to review the newly released demo, and preview the whole game itself.

The new demo immediately starts off with a different trailer, so it's already trying to signal a different expectation for the demo.  Then you see the actual Cristiano Ronaldo, instead of the Pes interpretation, we know now that the start page will be the cover to the game, but after selecting languages you can do training or go straight into games.


I started off with training, and believe me, it's not as simple and as fun as you would expect it in real life, especially when you fail the task and there's BAD above the head of the player you control.  But in all the training almost shows the purpose of what the games philosophies are, that you have to work hard to become good, unlike Fifa, which now recently has training included on Fifa 13.

But now, it's the new included teams, and yes they are licensed, no Man Red, but Manchester United (which happens to be the only licensed Premiership team on the game).  On normal match you can choose from Manchester United, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Athletic Bilbao and Bayern Munich, whilst having Santos, Corinthians, Boca Juniors and Chivas on the Coper Liberatadores.

Licensing among fans of both Fifa and Pes has been negatively scrutinised among the years, but there is at least some hope, the Bernabeu of Real Madrid is the licensed stadium that you play in on match, and with the announcement that 20 Brazilian teams will be fully licensed including stadiums, there is definitely proof that Pes will grow.

But, what will Pes 13 hold on the day of it's release, this year is the year in which Fifa has been tested the most, and the way that Pes has released its demo's, a month apart, whilst loyal Fifa fans wait for their demo around mid September, its definitely a ploy to prise away some loyal fans for at least a try of Fifa's competitor.  Constant improvements have been made, as well as online and manager mode, which is one of the star game modes which Fifa cannot overthrow.

The only thing we can do now is wait for the release dates to be confirmed, and for those first reviews to be written