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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

More Features For Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Revealed

Pro Evolution 2013 seems to be making a big feature push this year, with a variety of additions in all areas of the game.

Konami and developer PES Productions have just released a new trailer for the game showing off just a few of its key elements.

Online Communities: Form these with friends in your area, and take on each other or other communities (you can seamlessly invite people to online matches even while you're playing offline). You'll get a Rival Rating based on your performance, and be placed in a tier with similar competition. Everything you do in the game will be tracked via the MyPES feature, which can push all your activity to your Facebook account.

Football Life: Last year included more cinematic menu information, and this year the career mode is getting an upgraded item system. Earn points to buy training items for your club, which in turn boost your players' skills and attributes in various ways.

Performance Training: Work your way through myriad on-the-field drills that encompass different controls and situations to better your skills.

Take a look at our previous preview for more on PES 2013's offensive first touch controls, manual shooting, and Player ID system.

Pro Evolution Soccer comes out this fall for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and PSP.

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  • Haven't played a PES game since it used to be called Winning Eleven.  Don't really care much for these feature changes being added, although I like that they are adding more precision in controlling the ball and shooting.

  •     . . 0 0. .0

  • Fifa 13 will be still be better!

  • Fifa 13 will be still be better!

  • FIFA is like call of duty. Everyone is jumping on the band wagon! We need people to be more original. I've been playing FIFA since 1995 on my freaking PC! Now I play it on my Xbox, but to comment on this video, I do like the new features it is implementing. In order for those to work properly I believe, you might need a lot of friends who play the game.
  • Did EA get the rights to all the big teams just like they did with Madden? Because I didn't recognize any faces or names in that video.

  • How is it coming out for every console, including the PS2, and not the PS Vita?