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First Impressions: An Enjoyable TD

I pre-ordered Prime World Defenders and while I haven't beaten the game yet, I have to say that I have enjoyed the game so far and it's already better than most TD games I have played in the past. In particular, I was disappointed with the release of Sanctum 2, which I also pre-ordered, and playing Prime World has definitely improved my mood towards TD games in general.

I have to disagree with most of the Gameinformer review on this one. I like the talent and leveling system it has, most TD's don't have this and it gives you something to work towards. Each of the levels has special, secondary objectives you can do for extra points, like in the first level if you use magic 5 times, or save 100 resources by the end of the level. I think this adds extra replayability to the levels, as I find myself repeating them in order to score the special objectives.. I have to admit the storyline is a little generic, they could have probably done without it, but it lets you skip through most of the dialog by clicking the mouse so it's not that bad.

I look forward to collecting lots of tower cards and putting many hundreds of hours into this game. It looks like a keeper. Maybe I just have different tastes than most people? I don't understand why it's getting a lame review from everyone else. Granted I haven't put many hours into it yet, but unless there is some kind of hidden, horrible game mechanic that makes the game frustrating to play that I haven't found yet, I don't see myself changing my review.

If you like TD games, I recommend giving Prime World: Defenders a try. If you aren't sure, try watching some youtube videos of it first. Unfortunately, there isn't a demo (at least that I know of) but at $15 you aren't going to get burned that bad for trying it out.

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    Agreed, I just wrote up my own review.  The game is exactly what a Tower Defense lover wants in a game.  I personally enjoyed replaying lvls to simply do better and card games have been a favorite of mine since i was a kid, so collecting and boosting them was great1

    I'm going to go on a limb here and say the GI reviewer had no intention of wanting to play the game...and had a skewed perspective from the start.  Total *** that this game gets such a terrible review yet crap AAA games get more positive despite being unplayable, broken or badly generic and i'm not talking about the numeric rating.

    GI has been dropping in their reviews for me personally..

  • Strongly disagree, the GI reviewer was spot on. As a TD enthusiast; this is not exactly what I was looking for.

    And I did give this game a thorough chance, I probably have over 100 level clears under my belt.

    I would be lying if I said the game wasn't worth playing, at first I quite enjoyed it. But it could have been so much better, and that is why it was disappointing; in the end I just lost interest.


  • Sheesh' this review has certainly attracted a horde of fanboys... The game is not free yet has in app purchase for people who can't grind. I am stuck at lvl 16 which cannot be cleared without Lightning towers and Dragon towers. Been grinding the random generated maps for weeks, still can't get Dragon towers... Seriously are the devs so hell bent on making me shell more money? All in all a generic TD game where u have to grind to for ppl who don't mind grinding the random maps'which are basically based on 4 map variations, for months. Another cheap attempt from game developers to shake your money