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Prime World

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  • Hello all you MOBA fans! A new MOBA is just about to hit open beta on July 26th. Prime World brings a new way of thinking to the gaming industry that will raise the expectations for future MOBA games. One of the amazing things that I found was how well you can customize your hero. Not only does your hero level up the more you play it but the Nival team put in a talent system that replaces the usual buying of items to increase your hero's stats. This system is customizable to play however you want, say you have a champion that is really beefy and is considered a tank. Slap on a few healing talents and a few group buffs and that tank now became part support! This customization makes a fight you have had against a champion before different each time purely because of the talents they choose.

    Come join in the fun! You can find all the information you need on their website at : en.playpw.com and check them out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/primeworld

  • I...I.. cAn..Can't stop...FARMING!

    Seriously. It's easily one of the coolest things about Prime World. The idea that you could be waiting for a game and be farming resources or discovering new talents to equip to your heroes is by far one of the most innovative things I have seen in a MOBA to date.


  • When I found this game I was looking for another Moba that was a bit different from the others like LOL and DotA, but I never expected to find something so interesting and unique by my opinion. It combines the moba aspect plus a castle where you can earn resources, do quests and help out your champion with which you play in the moba part of the game. Can't wait for the Open Beta <3

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