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Best Game Ever

Phil doesn't know what he's talkin' about.  From this description Postal seems like the best game!  I only have a mac though and have never heard of the Postal series.  Vote Gingrich if you want a Moon Colony!!!

  • No. My vote is going to Vermin Supreme. Nice try though. Pony/Pony based economy> Moon Colony
  • Mod

    LOL this is almost art. Almost.

  • I agree with that logic :)

  • This is funny until you realize how much he raised the user rating of this game.

  • The greatest thing I have ever read.

  • Okay, Mexico.

  • umm i assume that you are joking but either way ur an idiot by giving this game a 10 u raised the average user rating to 2

  • We need to reestablish order! Everyone give this game a .25!