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  • Blog Post: Portal 2 Review: Liking this is no Puzzle!

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE When it comes to comedy, one has to admit that the writing process must be pretty difficult for popular shows such as Parks and Recreation or How I Met Your Mother to be as funny as they are. The writing as well as...
  • Blog Post: Portal 2: The review (Good Job Valve)

    Okay, here is the thing, this is an amazing game and it is the perfect sequel to the first portal. It is a good game don't get me wrong but there are some things that they could have left out. For example, some of the levels are very, VERY, VERY! hard and I know this is supposted to be hard but Valve...
  • Blog Post: Now you're thinking with portals... and excursion funnels, and hard light tunnels, and kinetic gels, and thermal discouragement beams...

    There were times when playing Portal 2 that I didn't know quite how to feel about it. My initial instinct was to try to compare it to the experience of playing the first Portal for the very first time, but it became clear pretty quickly that that was neither fair nor feasible. To begin with, the...
  • Blog Post: best game ever.

    I am not a super hardcore gamer but i got addicted to minecraft but after playing portal 2 it is not as fun because portal 2 overshadows it so much :)
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 is a Great Game

    While not perfect, Portal 2 is an amazing game. Great physics, well thought out puzzles, and endlessly funny dialog. It is not that different from the first Portal, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Lots more types of puzzles, and some really amazing environments.
  • Forum Post: Portal 2 Greif

    Portal 2 is going to be the most anticipated game of 2011 on my list, next to Battlefield 3, but still, returning to Aperture Science is going to be a blast. I just want to know one thing: What are they gonna screw up? Valve is notorious for screwing a major concept in games up near the release. They...
  • Forum Post: Portal 2 game editions

    Would it be so cool if they had like limited edition portal! LIke some of the names could be like Cupcake package (the smallest one) Then the Crazy cake package ( the biggest one) or you could have names like Companion Cube Edition. And it comes with a model of the companion cube. Post what edition names...
  • File: Portal 2

    This is a puzzle game about portals from Valve
  • File: Portal 2

    This is a puzzle game about portals from Valve
  • File: Portal 2

    This is a puzzle game about portals from Valve
  • File: p2nw.jpg

  • File: Meet the Portal 2 Team

    Talking to the team behind Portal's mind-bending puzzles and classic GLaDOS dialogue.
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