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  • Blog Post: The Scientists Finest Experiment With Portal 2

    After a few months deciding to get this game or not this had my interest after trying to put more trophies in my trophy collection, And thank god i bought portal 2 as i can say fun and cool looking its like real reality. And when i first tried the Portalm gun it was amazing Time Travel. I Can use 2 different...
  • Blog Post: Portal 2=Amazement

    This is by far one of my favorite games, ever. The story as simple as it is, is still very good, very fitting to the world of Portal. The voice acting is suburb, and this is the funniest games I have ever played. There were times were I literally had to pause the game and stop playing because i was laughing...
  • Blog Post: A Shining Example of How Puzzle Games Should Be Made Nowadays

    In an age when the pure adventure game is all but forgotten and when puzzle games are generally relegated to Facebook's endless online Flash-based offerings, Valve provides players a true puzzle adventure game, which demonstrates how to bring both genres into the modern age. Living through the eyes...
  • Blog Post: Brilliant aside from constant loading screens.

    Excellent puzzle platforming and humor. The only drawback is the ten seconds of load screen that interrupts every three to five minutes of gameplay. I'ven't had a chance to try co-op as PSN is, I believe, still currently down.