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Portal 2 Greif

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  • Portal 2 is going to be the most anticipated game of 2011 on my list, next to Battlefield 3, but still, returning to Aperture Science is going to be a blast. I just want to know one thing: What are they gonna screw up?


    Valve is notorious for screwing a major concept in games up near the release. They are pretty good with cleaning it up after the game comes out, but I'm pretty anxious to figure this out. With all the new concepts in portal 2 thats being added from Portal, I wouldn't be surprised to see Wheatly's eye roll back behind his head and a cake symbol fix in its place while a totally different audio file from Half Life comes on as music in the background. I'm not gonna bag on Valve for all their wrong doings in previous games, and i'm pretty siked for this release, but cmon guys...you can't tell me you've never played a game of Left 4 Dead when a zombie noclips into a wall and somehow manages to "No Scope 360 one shot" kill you across the map! Anyway...post if you guys wanna complain a little about previous games, or if you just wanna talk about Portal 2's awesomeness...

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  • so this is kind of different the Portal 2's awesomeness, which for all it's looks and videos is sure to be some crazy awesomeness, but you mentioned the only thing higher on your list is BF3, which is my number 1 slot for this year too so there's some similarities there in our interests. I'm assuming you have Portal 2, would you reccomend I pick it up new for $40.00 at gamestop?

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