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  • Blog Post: Portal 2 Review: Liking this is no Puzzle!

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE When it comes to comedy, one has to admit that the writing process must be pretty difficult for popular shows such as Parks and Recreation or How I Met Your Mother to be as funny as they are. The writing as well as... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2: The review (Good Job Valve)

    Okay, here is the thing, this is an amazing game and it is the perfect sequel to the first portal. It is a good game don't get me wrong but there are some things that they could have left out. For example, some of the levels are very, VERY, VERY! hard and I know this is supposted to be hard but Valve... More
  • Blog Post: Now you're thinking with portals... and excursion funnels, and hard light tunnels, and kinetic gels, and thermal discouragement beams...

    There were times when playing Portal 2 that I didn't know quite how to feel about it. My initial instinct was to try to compare it to the experience of playing the first Portal for the very first time, but it became clear pretty quickly that that was neither fair nor feasible. To begin with, the... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 (Solo)

    In an age where game developers can sometimes feel pressured to stretch a game out beyond what its concept might comfortably allow, 2007′s Portal seemed like the perfect length for what it was. I’ll take a game that’s taut and high in quality over one that’s been diluted with... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 is a great puzzle game everyone should try

    I didn't know if I should try portal 2. I not the biggest fan of puzzle games. Then, I'd just try Portal 2 just a few days ago. I wasn't disappointed one bit. Portal 2 is a smart, witty puzzle game that you really should try. Graphics are great. The enviroments and the use of technology is... More
  • Blog Post: best game ever.

    I am not a super hardcore gamer but i got addicted to minecraft but after playing portal 2 it is not as fun because portal 2 overshadows it so much :) More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 is a Great Game

    While not perfect, Portal 2 is an amazing game. Great physics, well thought out puzzles, and endlessly funny dialog. It is not that different from the first Portal, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Lots more types of puzzles, and some really amazing environments. More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 - A New Standard of Creativity in Gaming

    Since I’ve only and probably will only play the single player campaign, that’s all I’ll be reviewing in this review (I don’t like playing co-op with strangers, or online multiplayer that much in general), though I’m sure the quality would apply to both sides. In short, Portal... More
  • Blog Post: Have you Ever Seen aPortal? aPortal 2 Review

    The ARG that lead up to the release of Portal 2 was one of the most complex and exciting promotional campaigns for a video game ever created. It had Valve enthusiasts and Portal nerds salivating at the very thought of a sequel to what many consider the best puzzle game ever made. Portal shook the foundations... More
  • Blog Post: Review - Portal 2

    Portal 2 is a masterpiece. It’s a concord moment in the gaming industry, a point to which we will all look back and truly appreciate its genius. This is, hands down, one of the greatest games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Just in case you’ve never played the first Portal ,... More
  • Blog Post: Insulting Robots? Deadly Tests? A clapping potato? Yep. It's Portal 2.

    Portal came out of nowhere. It was originally included in The Orange Box. Being on the same disc as The Half-Life 2 games and Team Fortress 2, it was overlooked by most everyone until they actually played it. What started out as a mere mod of Half-Life 2 became a puzzling yet short masterpiece that became... More
  • Blog Post: Kyle's Review

    Storyline: Foreseeable, yet you still struggle not to be suprised every time something new happens Graphics: That good kind of Cartoony Sounds: WOW! No game has ever gotten me so connected to characters through dialogue Controls: 3 buttons, so unless you only have two fingers, this shouldnt be a problem... More
  • Blog Post: Going Back To A Place You Loved

    When it comes down to it, the average gamer knows who Valve is and understands what kind of games they bring out and Portal 2 is no exception to this. Anyone that played Portal can tell you that it is a short and quick puzzle game that people have grown to love and appreciate, but Portal 2 is a whole... More
  • Blog Post: Humorous Narrative And Engaging Gameplay Blend Perfectly Together

    Originally met with no expectations, Portal's initial entry was an incredible slice of gaming nirvana packed into a budget compilation of Valve titles. Once people realized how masterfully crafted the game was, you couldn't talk about video games without someone mentioning cakes and lies. Valve... More
  • Blog Post: The Scientists Finest Experiment With Portal 2

    After a few months deciding to get this game or not this had my interest after trying to put more trophies in my trophy collection, And thank god i bought portal 2 as i can say fun and cool looking its like real reality. And when i first tried the Portalm gun it was amazing Time Travel. I Can use 2 different... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2, Extreme thinking with Portals

    Its been decide, Portal 2 is numero uno on my favorite games list. Not only is it addicting but it keeps you in the game longer than you wanted to because 1: The puzzles are a lot longer than you think, and 2: The storyline is gripping and never lets you go. I almost cry every time I have to turn it... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2: Great puzzles, great lines, great game.

    I went to Gamestop one day with Portal 2 and CoD: Black Ops fighting to be my purchase. It just so happened that Gamestop had a sale going on for new Portal 2 games, so I decided to buy it. When I was able to set it into the disc tray, I didn't really know exactly what to expect, having not played... More
  • Blog Post: It's Science

    The original Portal was a great game, but way too short. The sequel is much long and introduces new game mechanics to keep you interested. GlaDos isn't alone this time either 2 new disembodied voices provide instruction and comic relief. The first new character is Wheatley a small floating eye who... More
  • Blog Post: Beautiful...just beautiful

    An addictive game beginning to end, even with such a straightforward concept. Adding more depth to the first, such as the use of gels and high beam bridges, along with awesome voice actors, all of them either robots or pre-recorded messages, making me "feel" for the characters, this game is... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 is Amazing

    Well, to begin with it went above and beyond everyone's expectations. The co-op gameplay was simply amazing and kept to the difficult puzzle gameplay of the single player campaign but with a partner.The story of the co-op campaign was good and had a great cliff hanger ending that hinted at a possible... More
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