Okay, here is the thing, this is an amazing game and it is the perfect sequel to the first portal. It is a good game don't get me wrong but there are some things that they could have left out. For example, some of the levels are very, VERY, VERY! hard and I know this is supposted to be hard but Valve, realy this hard. Other than that the graphics are good but we will get in to that next.

So the graphics are pretty good but I think that the first Portal had better. This is not a fact but is an opinion. What I mean is that in Portal the graphics are realistic and in Portal 2 they are...welll.cartoony. So thats that but still there much nicer graphics than most games.

So now for coop. Coop was a great addition to Portal 2. I will say that even though the single player got boring after a while coop never got boring. I also love the fact that coop has different endings. Single player was also fun and amazing but it got boring once I got stuck. Also, In single player the story is very intresting but like I said when you get stuck and don't know what to do THEN it gets boring but I got pretty far to be honest. The cartoon aspect was also cool but not as cool has the Half Life 2 style.

Overall you should get this game and it is amazing. Get the game :)