Portal came out of nowhere. It was originally included in The Orange Box. Being on the same disc as The Half-Life 2 games and Team Fortress 2, it was overlooked by most everyone until they actually played it. What started out as a mere mod of Half-Life 2 became a puzzling yet short masterpiece that became an Internet sensation practically overnight. Seeing how popular it was, Valve created a sequel, but this time, as a stand-alone 60$ Triple-A game. The question is, how does it stack up to it's spellbinding beginning? The answer is better, mixed with and then some, baked in the oven of awesome and served via ASHPD (Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device) with a fake and wicked smile from everyone's favorite psychotic AI, GLaDOS.

It starts off with a bang. Once again, our protoganist Chell is in an unknown place, but is helped out by a robot. This time, though, it's a little English sounding robot that's hanging from the ceiling named Wheatly. He then says, "<SPOILER> <SPOILER> <SPOILER> <SPOILER>" In fact,I can't really describe much about this game,because if I did, it would make it flat soda: still tastes good, but much of the fizz and excitement is gone. All YOU need to know is that this adventure will include certain gels that manipulate the environment, more incredibly mean yet hilarious insults from GLaDOS, the old Aperture Science, stunning plot twists, and of course, brain-bending puzzles.

This package also includes something no one expected: co-op puzzling. The simple fact that there are 2 sets of portals to mess around with add to the already "HOLY CRAP!" inducing puzzles, although, once again, I can't tell much about it. You'll just have to see for yourself.

This game rules. Period. Even if you're not huge on puzzle games, you still have to play this for the fantastically funny comments and great story moments. Start thinking with portals? Bring it on.