From what I've seen and played on Portal 2, it's probably one of the best games I've played yet. A brilliant combination of mind-burning, comedic, movie-ish, physics-based fun. The game would be epic enough just with its gameplay alone, but Valve truly kicked it up a notch-or even 5 notches-with the hilarious scripts for all the Portal 2 characters. I mean, come on, "I'm going to have my engineers develop a combustible lemon that can burn your house down!", what's more original than that?! I can't say it's perfect, though...Certain parts get frustratingly hard to the point where I just have to use a walkthrough video to get back on track, and it can get pretty hard to place a portal somewhere while in mid-air and still land in the portal you just set on the ground before-hand. Other than that though, it's a must-buy game for anyone who's ever wanted to fly through quantum tunnels endlessly for all eternity. All you have to do is place a portal on the ceiling and place another portal on the floor right beneath the over-head portal. Then jump into the bottom portal and...voila...endless falling!