I admit, I skipped gen 5 because of how little time I had, so I may seem a little biased. However, the amount of things Pokemon X includes starting off it's simply amazing. I was introduced by professor sycamore with details and paintings about the pokemon world before going in to finally play the game. Needless to say, this game breaks any previous mold set by the previous gens and improves on it.

First you wake up in bed (Because of the 3D modeling, you actually see yourself wake up in pajamas and get up.), change your clothes, and walk downstairs. Explore your house, lo and behold, your mother finally has her own bedroom. Go outside, and instead of receiving it from the professor himself, it's from one of your friends.

Now, lets skip any spoilers and get to the main point. TMs are entirely reusable, berry farming no longer sucks like in platinum, EV training became more accessible with super training, and all wireless features have been heavily improved upon, as even trading foreign pokemon nets you the original and english pokedex entries.(This occurs depending on what language you choose, so if you chose french and you received a spanish pokemon you would have the french entry instead of english.)

Then, we have the the bad. The engine tends to lag in 3D battles, very little to do at end game, and the looker missions story wise feels heavily derailed after the second chapter and done very lazy, reusing the same enemies and areas. However, don't let it drive you away. The pros and long storyline outweigh the cons here.