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Alternate Mega Evolution Revealed For Charizard In New Pokémon X & Y Trailer

Much like his pal Mewtwo, it turns out Charizard will have different Mega Evolutions depending on which version of Pokémon X & Y you are playing.

The previously revealed Charizard Mega Evolution is the Y version, while the new black and blue Charizard (see above) is the Mega Evolved Charizard you will find in X. Game Freak and Nintendo made no mention in regard to whether or not the other starters, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, will have separate X and Y Mega Evolutions.

Pokémon X & Y are coming to Nintendo 3DS on October 12. You can check out the trailer showcasing Mega Charizard X below, as well as more images of the Mega Evolved Charizards in the image gallery.

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  • Damn X is killing it, weve got DBZ Mewto and now this badass Charizard. Not a hard choice for me.
  • What the heck happened to Nintendo? You can't mess with the classics.
  • Damn it, I was going to go with Y until now, back to the drawing board for me.
  • The article doesn't mention it, but this is kind of a big deal for Pokemon fans: Charizard Y, the orange one, is still Fire/Flying like a regular Charizard, but Charizard X, the black and blue one, is Fire/Dragon type. Fire/Dragon. Thank you, Game Freak.
  • Yet another reason X is vastly superior to Y.

    If this were on the cover of X, and Spritzee were on the cover of Y, everybody would switch their pre-orders over to X immediately. For those who don't know, Spritzee is the absolute worst Pokemon ever conceived. Just looking at it makes me want to hurl. I hate it with all my Pokepassion.
  • I was hoping to turn my shiny Charizard mega but now I'm curious how it will look since its mega X form is already Black
  • GAAAAH! X gets the cool Charizard and Mewtwo, but I want the Y legendary.
  • this looks cool BUT i feel pressured to buy both games now to have every MEGA EVO pokemon

  • Well, they had to balance out the pure awesomeness of Y some how.
  • As badass as Charizard's X mega evolution is, I'm still getting Y first. Yveltal looks way too awesome to pass up.
  • X version it is.

  • I hope the other starters have alternate evos I'd love to see a new take on mega venusaur as bulbasaur is always my choice of the three starters.
  • In my opinion Charizard has always been a fire/dragon type NOT fire/flying i mean really u can teach him dragon type moves. and every dragon looks reptilian and can breath fire. HELLO THAT'S WHAT CHARIZARD IS, A FLYING REPTILE THAT BREATHS FIRE. Anyway to me the Y version looks way better with the original coloring, not really digging the black and blue colors for the X version.
  • The more Game Freak says about X&Y, the more my I'm interested. Conversely, the more info people leak about the games, the more my anticipation plummets. It's strange.
  • Whew,good thing buying X is becoming justifiable

  • If only the flames coming out from the side of his mouth didn't look so dumb. It's nice to see that Charizard is finally a Fire/Dragon type, but not that it's version exclusive. Hopefully, you can get more than one of these Mega Stones and have spare ones to trade to others.

    Also, this made me wonder what a shiny Mega Charizard X would look like. Will the Mega Evolutions even have a shiny pallet?

  • Really glad he's finally Dragon type, that means only Ground and Rock are super effective to him. He looks like such a tank. And DAT MUSTACHE
  • Is there even a reason to get Y now?

  • My friend made a joke a few years ago about how when the pokemon creators run out of ideas they'll just start adding horns to already existing pokemon... He was right.
  • Damnit, now I think I'll just have to just get X and hope I can get Yveltal through trade. That, or Nintendo can just show the other versions of the Mega Evolutions and it shows that the Y Mega Blastoise is cooler than the X version. Wait, I saw someone say the X Mega Charizard is part dragon... yeah, let's just go with the first idea.
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