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Tyrantrum And Aurorus Pokémon Revealed For X & Y

Nintendo has revealed new fossil Pokémon coming to X & Y next month.

Above, from left to right, you will see Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Amaura, and Aurorus. Tyrantrum is the evolved form of Tyrunt, and Aurorus is the evolved form of Amaura. Both Pokémon are born from restoring fossils. Tyrunt comes from the Jaw Fossil, while Amaura is born from the Sail Fossil.

Apparently, you will only be able to choose one of the two Pokémon on a single save. Obviously, everyone will be choosing Tyrunt because he is a dinosaur. You can see more shots of Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Amaura, and Aurorus in the gallery below.

Pokémon X & Y launches worldwide on October 12. For more on the newest Pokémon, check out the latest trailer.

[Source: Pokémon]

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  • Definitely getting Amaura.

  • Amaura is an adorable fossil pokemon totally will get that one.

  • its a red feraligator

  • Okay, since I'm getting both games, I'm getting both. but Aurorus will suck in metagame because of it's type and the fact that Lucario will be able to KO it just by poking it. I love the Rock/Dragon combo of Tyrantrum. It kinda makes me think "that's what type Tyranitar should have been long ago". and the fact that if it learns anything involving hands I'll laugh every time.

  • Old news, fellas.

  • First 2 pokemon of this game that make sense to me...

  • Ok, if trainer A sends out a Pikachu, and trainer B sends out a damned T-Rex, SOMEONE IS DOING THEIR JOB BETTER.

  • Who wants the blue guy?  Everyone will want the little T. Rex.  Including me.

  • To be honest I didn't know that Pokemon was still such a big thing. Here in the UK they have definately gone out of favour for other characters.

  • that's awesome!! I must have T-Rex!! I can't waiting next month...really so excited!!!

  • I think both of them are awesome, I mean Tyrantrum takes the cake but their both really cool. Also they both look like dinosaurs,Kyle, Tyrunt is a T-Rex and Amaura is based of the long-neck dinosaur, but yes i know the long neck isn't a real dinosaur but still that's what they were going for.

  • This choice will be a no brainer. Tyrantrum is awesome looking.

  • I think these will be among the new favorite pokemon of all versions. Their designs seem amazing to me.  I'm getting Amaura personally.  However I'm sure I'll trade to get both.

  • "Obviously, everyone will be choosing Tyrunt because he is a dinosaur."

    Have truer words then this ever been spoken? ^_^

  • ...aren't they both dinosaurs? Amaura/Aurorus is supposedly based on Amargasaurus. That said, I'll still be choosing Tyrunt.

  • It's good that these are going to be in both editions of the game. I'll be buying Pokemon Y because that Mega Mewtwo looks awesome. Guess I'll go with Tyrunt when the time comes picking a fossil.

  • Mod

    Amaura, ride or die!

  • YES I love fossil Pokemon! They both look pretty cool IMO though, I wouldn't mind having either.

  • Aurorus for me.

  • Ill be getting both, because both sound very, very overpowered.