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Tyrantrum And Aurorus Pokémon Revealed For X & Y

Nintendo has revealed new fossil Pokémon coming to X & Y next month.

Above, from left to right, you will see Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Amaura, and Aurorus. Tyrantrum is the evolved form of Tyrunt, and Aurorus is the evolved form of Amaura. Both Pokémon are born from restoring fossils. Tyrunt comes from the Jaw Fossil, while Amaura is born from the Sail Fossil.

Apparently, you will only be able to choose one of the two Pokémon on a single save. Obviously, everyone will be choosing Tyrunt because he is a dinosaur. You can see more shots of Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, Amaura, and Aurorus in the gallery below.

Pokémon X & Y launches worldwide on October 12. For more on the newest Pokémon, check out the latest trailer.

[Source: Pokémon]

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  • Tyrunt and Turantrum remind me of Agumon and Greymon... Just saying.
  • This is old news to me by now, but it's a really tough choice for fossils this generation. Tyrantrum is really awesome, while Aurorus's ability and freeze dry attack are amazing.
  • Overall this generations looking great, if they could make the ghost turn into somesort of ghost knight I think that would make it perfect so far in my eyes.
  • This isn't a very big reveal for me, since I've already seen a picture of one of those I really didn't want to see.

    Oh internet, you so damn weird.

  • So a longed for T. Rex Pokémon and a Nessie Pokémon. I think I'll go for the T. Rex, because you know, it's a T. freaking Rex.
  • Duh, I'm going with the my little dinosaur.

  • They're both obviously dinosuars, Kyle. And, I'm actually going to get Aurorus. I already knew I was going to pick that one from the start.

  • Bah, who plays Pokemon anymore? Digimon was always better and is the far superior franchise.
  • Uh, Kyle, they're both dinosaurs.
  • SAIL!
  • A tyrannosaurus and an amargasaurus Pokemon? Maybe I should get into this series again. It's been a long time since Gold and Silver left my Gameboy.
  • I´m chosing Amoura because it´s ability, it transforms every normal atack into an ice atack(ice hyper beam FTW) and also with the ability, it´s super efective againts water!!!!(finaly!!!)
  • I will choose Tyrunt because Tyrantrum looks awesome.

  • They look pretty cool.

  • I claim Amaura.
  • Hey, I saw a new Pokemon the other day! I think it was called "Slowpoke".

  • Yes, sir. I'm grabbing Tyrantrum.

  • Pfft, I'm totally picking Aurorus. It's typing and ability, "Refrigerator" is far superior.

  • Wow, these are terrible.
  • I'll be picking tyrunt

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