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New Pokémon X & Y Trailer Reveals Trainer Customization, New Mewtwo Mega Evolution

The latest trailer for Pokémon X & Y reveals the ability to customize your trainer and certain types of Pokémon, the evolved forms of the new starters, and a new Mega Evolution for Mewtwo.

It turns out Mewtwo's Mega Evolution will differ depending on what version of Pokémon you decide to purchase. As you can see in the image above, Mewtwo will have different Mega Evolved forms in X & Y.

The trailer also reveals that your trainer can adopt different looks, as well as certain Pokémon like Furfrou.

The new starter Pokémon, Froakie, Chespin, and Fennekin's evolved forms also shown. The three turn into Frogadier, Quilladin, and  Braixen respectively, which you will see in the trailer. Be sure to keep an out for Mega Garchomp and the new Pokémon, Meowstic, in the trailer as well.

Fore more on Pokémon X & Y, head here to read about our recent hands-on, and here for details on the return of the original starters.

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  • This game just became official. Loving everything so far and I didn't expect the customization's to be that deep. Was going to play as a girl this time but if I can make the guy with braids then I'll play as the male. This game is going to be crazy and I might just have to pick both copies like I normally do.

  • Froakie will be my starter for sure and I'll probably go with Y, since I've always picked the second version since Blue.

    Gotta say I haven't been this excited for a new Pokemon game since Gold/Silver.

  • Mewtwo looks better. I like the names of the start evolutions. Hopefully their final forms are more badass.
  • Is anyone else even slightly bothered that Braixen (Fennekin's second form) has to 'get the stick out' to attack?
  • I don't like mega evolution at all...

  • Mega Mewtwo X YEAAAH!!! The crappy bird-thing was the first thing about X and Y I saw besides the starters and it turned me off them. But this...yiss this is how Mewtwo is supposed to be when he brings it all out. If I do decide to go and pick up a Pokemon game for the first time since Emerald and Fire Red, and this is the first real reason that makes me want to, I'll for sure be getting X.

  • i'm guessing Braixen is a Psychic or Fairy type. Quilladin looks weird... Frogadier looks badass

  • I was wondering what was up with that stick in Braixen's tail, now I know lol

    I still think the Mega forms are a little silly but that's about it.

  • oh god no I hate mewtwo X. Original is the best but x is worse than y imo.

  • Ha ha ha, I clicked the trailer to watch it and the ESRB rating flashed up there and it said M for "partial nudity and violence" and I was like wtf?! Then I realized it was a trailer for DOA5 Ultimate XD

  • I prefer Mega Mewtwo Y. X's lines all over himself are off putting.
  • Thank god for X Mewtwo! definitely buying X now.

    Y Mewtwo looked like some horrible Mewtwo fetus.  

  • Not just one, but two? Sweet.

  • Mega Garchomp!  Mega of my favorite Poke!

  • Nintendo, take my money!

  • You know, I was hating pretty hard on this whole mega evolution thing and infinitely growing list of Pokemon, but that wasn't any form of deal breaker, I could play this game anyway I want and choose to never use a mega form or new Pokemon. I'm a purist, whatever. So what is the deal breaker? For years, RPG have been giving the player to customize their characters, and the more complex or large a game was, the better the tools. We can change are appearance through fashion, a nice touch. So why the hell can I still not change my nationality in a game being released in 2013 world wide? That's the deal breaker for me. I was willing to ignore the things I didn't like, but come on, I still have to be a Caucasian trainer after being a fan for years? Last I check, Pokemon fans come in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities; why can't the trainers reflect that in the game? And no, being a product of Japan is no excuse anymore when you have a global franchise. Come on Nintendo and Gamefreak. P.S. - Some of these new Pokemon scream "Inspired by Neopets". Each generation seems to have more and more tired designs, but at least they aren't ALL bad.
  • While I think Mega Garchomp looks cool and the X verion of Mega Mewtwo does seem like a champ, I still think mega evolutions are superfluous and gimmicky. And what... the hell... is Quilladin... wow that's bad.
  • So getting this!

  • this is just givingme more motivation to get a 3DS or 2DS

  • Another reason I would get they Y version, the MewTwo looks so much cooler in that version.