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Pokémon X

Original Starters Get Mega Evolutions In X & Y Trailer

In this morning's Nintendo Direct, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company revealed something special for long-time fans of the series. In addition to the starters for X and Y (Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie), Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur will be on hand.

More importantly, they'll be getting mega evolutions. We've got more on mega evolutions, our PAX 2013 experiences, and the upcoming Pokémon Bank online service. You can see more on the mega evolutions of the three original starters in the Nintendo Direct.

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  • Really digging Venusaur and Charizard, but Blastoise looks retarded.

  • Wait...I get a starter and Squirtle in this one? SOLD!

  • I was nervous at first to see what they looked like, but the design for these look good. Nothing to drastic or unnecessary

  • Nintendo is going to drown in money when these games release...

  • Digging Mega Charizard. Totally going to get Charmander because I'll start with Froakie, but mainly for Mega Charizard.

  • Blastoise has traded up, hard for Venasaur to look epic and I love everything about Charizard except for the arm wings.

  • Nice

  • This is all that's good an right in the world. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a Mega Infernape.

  • Thank goodness, I haven't played a Pokemon game since Ruby and I've been afraid that I'm gonna get this game and get lost instantly because I won't know a single one of the new Pokemon.

  • Wow they're just throwing out starters now aren't they? You get to pick the new ones, one of the Kanto starters, and then the Torchic event? I know I should differentiate my starter types... but in the end I'll probably just choose all fire... lololol

  • Pretty awesome. I think I will pick this up based on having the starter pokemon that i grew up with back. We will soon be reunited Charizard:'(

  • :/ i think they could of been more creative with the designs eh whatever i guess
  • I think I may be the only person who chose bulbasaur in the first gen Pokemon games. I'll gladly be picking him again in X/Y

  • mega blastoise looks kinda stupid imo. im not a fan of the giant single cannon on his back =/

  • this does change things a bit

  • Blastoise is gonna have back problems with that posture.

  • Yeah so Venusaur looks the same...

  • Mega Blasty!!!!The world of pokemon have changed a lot huh?

  • My squad is gonna be amazing now. Froakie, Bulbasaur, and Torchic!

  • The flower in Mega-Venusaur head looks stupid, take it off!!!!!!!!

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