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Pokémon Omega Ruby

Mega Slowbro Revealed

Revealed during the 2014 Pokémon World Championships, the newest Pokémon to achieve Mega Evolution is Slowbro, the evolved form of Slowpoke.

Mega Slowbro excels at defense, as its shell allows it to defend against powerful attacks. It's unclear if Slowpoke's alternate evolved form, Slowking, will also have a Mega Evolution. For more images of the Mega Evolved Slowbro check out the gallery below.

For more on Pokémon Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire, check out the the most recent reveal here. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire releases for 3DS on November 21.

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  • Slowbro begins to wonder where his life choices went wrong to put him in this situation.
  • Kinda feel bad for Slowbro. If he had one more mega-evo...he wouldn't be alive.
  • Mega Arcanine, Dragonite, and Flygon please. :DDD

  • ...did he try to poop in it and fall in or something?

  • Sorry for the wall of text. I make paragraphs in the comment editor but they don't show up on the post. Poor Slowbro. tbh I haven't liked 80% of the Mega evolutions. Mega Houndoom is pretty much it for me. Some elements of each Charizard look cool. Aggron, Heracross, Scizor, and maybe Garchomp are okay. I'm curious as to if they will be making a game exclusive one like Charizard had two forms. I'm hoping for Sharpedo, Camerupt, Seviper, Zangoose, Ludicolo, Mightyena, Swalot, Grumpig, Cacture, Breloom, Castform, Gailie Relicanth and Crawdawnt. other gen Pokemon could be a Skamory, or Golduck. Don't really care after that. You might notice that these are pretty much Pokemon that still have the chance to evolution but Gamefreak has decided that it's done evolving pokemon when it can just make them super buff for a battle. Anyway if they did Mega Evolve these I'm pretty sure I'd still be bummed out because they'll all just end up gaining weight or growing hair. I'm also curious as to why pokemon that don't have stage 2 evolutions become Mega and can't just evolve. "Slowbro endures strong moves" lol what the heck? It was dragon claw.
  • The digivolutions are getting worse and worse. Seriously, how could they make one dumber than this?
  • Where have we gone wrong?! WE have been playing the role of God for to long. This is getting out of hand.
  • A little bit of old news.

    He is a puppy whose master shoved him in one of those sweaters.

  • And here I thought Salamence had a bad mega evolution...

  • Looks painful.

  • I didn't care for the whole mega evolution thing when it was first announced. This confirms those feelings further. What a mess.

  • i bet he regrets using his tail as a fishing pole now

  • Now this is a Mega Evolution I can get behind. Slowbro was always a pretty neat Pokemon that got unfairly overlooked. A Mega Evolution with boosted defense and special attack could be just what it needs to become more popular. I'm tired of seeing the same twenty Pokemon in online battles.

  • I would have preferred Mega Slowking.

  • lol. that is the dumbest looking thing i've ever seen.

  • Doesn't it hurt him to balance on his tail like that all day?!!!
  • Ive been on-board with almost every new Pokemon they have announced...

    But holy diver, this Mega-Evolution looks like garbage.

  • This is a joke, right?

  • Dear god what have they done to you?!

  • This is like having a mega evolution for porygon 2, when there's already porygon z. Why.

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