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Pokémon Art Academy

Be The Very Best Artist When Pokémon Art Academy Arrives Oct. 24

Nintendo has announced the release date for its latest 3DS art instruction software. Pokémon Art Academy will be out in October, with lessons on how to draw Pikachu and other popular pocket monsters.

The title features a progression system that takes players through basic sketching and coloring through more advanced techniques. As players continue through, more Pokémon are unlocked, including the more recent mega-evolutions.

The title will be out at retail and in the eShop on October 24. For more, check out an overview video of the software.

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  • The game will be out next month? Did you forget about September, Mike? Anyways, while I'm not a huge Pokemon fan, I did really enjoy the last Art Academy game so I wonder if this title will have anything of value for me as an artist.
  • Or you could, like, draw Pokemon on paper, or use free art software on PC.

  • Somedays I can only draw stick figures, somedays I can draw really good. If it can help me, I'll try it.
  • Cool but I hope someone comes up with a Mega Genesect card soon. Pyroar is killing me.

  • Why not, I like drawing, I like Pokemon. Let it rock ^^

  • Definitely interested in this game, although I'll wait until the price goes down as it isn't something want to spend $40 on.

  • I love all the art on the Nintendo Network some of it is just amazing