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Sableye's Mega Evolution Confirmed For Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

A new mega evolution has been confirmed for the upcoming remakes of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire for Sableye.

The short trailer below shows a clip of what Sableye’s mega evolution will look like. To learn more about the mega evolutions and what other pokémon they’re coming to, take a look here.

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  • he was my go to in emerald
  • I really hope that Mega Sableye gets Wonder Guard; it'd be used a lot more, and Fairy moves are pretty common anyways. Now all we need is Mega Metagross, Mega Milotic, Mega Shiftry, Mega Swalot, Mega Sharpedo, and Mega Camerupt.
  • He better hide that giant rupee from Link
  • Why do they keep giving Mega Evolutions to Pokemon that were already really powerful or useful? It's clear even Game Freak isn't above playing favoritism.
  • I'll be honest, when I saw that opening image at the top of this article, I was like: "what changed?", even after watching the video, clearly not much. I guess they needed to give him the giant rupee to make it more obvious since adding a fin to his head was really quite subtle.

  • I've never used Sableye in my life.

    He's hiding behind a Rupee...

  • First of all, gotta point out its Omega Ruby not Omega Red, probably a typo.

    Second of all I was hoping he got a Mega Ecolution. This is sooo cool!!!

  • Sweet he is the only shiny pokemon I ever caught :D

  • sableye's typing was way o.p. Lets see if the new fairy type will nerf him.
  • I always liked Sableye, so this will hopefully give him some girth.

  • But where is mega dunsparce
  • Guys, what is Omega Red?? Is it a new game they have not told us about!!? I mean, iv heard of Omega Ruby, but Omega Red is a totally new thing right? No-one would be stupid enough to mix those titles around right? Right? WHAT IS OMEGA RED!!????
  • In still waitin for the Mega Evolution of Lopunny.

  • Cool! So looking forward to these games!

  • For all them mega evolutions they went overkill with this one is pretty lackluster.

  • Sableye is pretty swell and all, but what about Dunsparce? I don't care if it's from Johto!