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Poker Night 2

Claptrap And GLaDOS Join Cast For Telltale Games' Poker Night 2

Telltale has been teasing a project that features both Claptrap and GLaDOS for the past couple of days, and we now know what that project is. The two lovable-yet-psychotic robots will be trading barbs over a friendly game of poker.

Poker Night 2 allows players to gamble against four new characters from video games, comics and movies: Borderlands' Claptrap, The Venture Bros.' Brock Samson, Sam from Sam & Max, and Ash Williams from Army of Darkness. GLaDOS will step in as dealer.

Telltale says that players can compete in both no-limit Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha, and can win virtual items for other games, such as skins and heads in Borderlands 2, and accessories in Team Fortress 2 (PC version only). You'll also be able to unlock Avatar items on Xbox 360, and UI themes on PlayStation 3. Here's the official teaser trailer:

Poker Night 2 will be available on XBLA, PSN, and PC in late April, with more systems to be announced at a later time. 

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  • Weird, yet oddly satisfying. I like it.

  • I call Ash.
  • While I have no good reason to play virtual poker, the TF2 items have me a bit interested.
  • I found myself disappointed by the distinct lack of Bruce Campbell in this video. Still a funny video though.
  • Now I just want to see Brock Sampson playing the ending of Walking Dead and shedding his manly tears.


  • God I would play this if it were not ab April Fools joke
  • Awesome trailer, hopefully the game will be as funny.

  • Imagine trying to win chips off of Brock Samson.

    "Go ahead.....take it from me."

  • No yoshi?
  • As much as I love both Venture Bros. and Evil Dead, I feel the obligation to point the following out: Brock and Ash together in a game...ROYAL FLUSH, I CHOSE YOU!
  • I thought the first game couldn't create a bigger combination of awesome. I WAS WRONG.

  • Weird... O_o

  • I'm all in!

  • That's pretty sweet that it's coming to other platforms but I'm getting it on PC just so I can get those TF2 items. ^_^

  • Dude! Poker and video games? my two favorite things!

  • This is pretty neat. Odd, but interesting.

  • Oooh rad. Bought for sure. Keep seeing that it'll be available sometime this month.
  • WOW.... i would've liked to earn some BL2 skins for my PS3 version :c

    Nonetheless this looks really interesting actually.
  • This actually looks amazing!

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