Poker Night 2 is the sequel to the very first Poker Night at the Inventory. If you are the type of reader that doesn't want an in depth review, I'll keep it short. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! If you want a better poker game get the first one instead of this waste of $5! Now then, if you are still here, please enjoy your stay in this review. The first Poker Night at the Inventory is literally what the title ensues. You play poker at this underground bar like setting with 4 different personalities. There is Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2, Strong Bad from, Tycho from Penny Arcade, and Max from Sam and Max. The game is No limit Texas Hold 'em and your play starts from there. The sequel titled Poker Night 2, introduces a new cast as well as a new opening. You walk into the warehouse from the first game and continue down a hallway to see a limp body go flying through the wall, enter Brock Sampson from The cartoon network (now adult swim) show, Venture Bros. He guides you to the Inventory as it has been refurbished and you are welcomed back to play poker again. A banjo plays behind you and we are introduced to Sam from Sam and Max. Cut past a few more dialogue of introduction we are introduced to the all annoying, all smart mouthed CL4P-TP (Claptrap). Yes he is more annoying than he was in Borderlands 2. As everyone sits around the table and gets ready to play poker with a empty seat. Enter Ash(ley) Williams from the Evil Dead franchise. He literally gets thrown through a window, gets right back up to sit in his chair and is ready to play. You'd think that the intro enough would tell you "Good Game" from just that. Well get ready to be disappointed because thats as good as the game gets.
   See here, the game has a good cast. With a good cast means original dialogue and chatter within each character. The game is the same No-Limit Texas Hold 'em as the first with a new poker game to play called Omaha. When you play each game depending on what spot you get in whether you win or get second or third, you get these Inventory Tokens. Inventory Tokens are used to spend for customizable table felts, poker chips, and decks. This is a great improvement on the first installment where you have to get so many wins to unlock the next felt or deck; problem is the fact that these custom pieces will get costly. Each time a full set is activated, the Inventory has an interior change to a Borderlands Theme to an Evil Dead theme. Each with their own events brings a very unique ending to when a character is eliminated from play. The background music is a nice touch too. If you play on the original interior the music will play a classy rendition of Still Alive or even the song Short Change Hero; if you have a complete set some music will then the background music will be tailored to the theme chosen.
   In the first Poker Night there was a random chance that a player would bet their prized posession in equivelent to the usual buy in. This has changed. There is this new system called bounty challenges. If you complete the 3 challenges given to be able to fight for the bounty prize to unlock items for Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2. This system is a very interesting system but falls flat very quickly after the second or third cycle of challenges such as activate a specific table felt or complete set. Sometimes the challenges can either be bugged out by not completing at all or just completely frustrating.
   The settings in this game are very limited to what the first had been able to choose from what the dialogue would be and what difficulty you could have. The sequel stripped this completely from the player. The difficulty setting would be nice to give old and new players at least some fair chance to getting the unlocks themselves and there would be less whining on discussion boards and less harrassments among players.
  This game is undeniably buggy. Bug range from Texture glitches to glitches on start up. For example when I myself have a 360 controller hooked up to my PC and attempt to start up Poker Night 2 it doesn't start up without any sort of error box. Sometimes for other people the game doesn't start up at all without rhyme or reason.
   A few new features to this game are the choice of playing Omaha and buying characters drink mid game to point out their tells. These seem to be great features at first but soon show more flaws than needed. Omaha is basically a rigged version of texas hold 'em, the game choosing 2 cards out of the 4 you have for you ultimately screwing you over in the end. 5-7 card draw would've been a better appeal. The drinks also showed a cool feature but this isn't worth spending inventory tokens over because there is either no, or wrong tells from the AI also screwing you over.
   This game is on life support. The only thing that makes this game on the radar is because valve and gearbox are giving them game unlocks for Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2. The build up to these items by completing challenges and winning the tournament the bounty item is offered in, is not worth it overall. When bounty items are up for grabs the game has a difficulty spike and the decks are stacked in the AI's favor it feels like. This causes rage amung players and for good reason too. Hell, sometimes this game made me rage so hard that I wanted to drop kick a puppy. When you do unlock the items, they usually look like crap, not really worth the hours put in to the game. Players will grind so many hours just to get these unlocks and don't play the game for the game. It is expected from a game that features multiple Team Fortress 2 item unlocks. If all the unlocks and backing from valve and gearbox was taken away this game wouldn't be anywhere on the map, no one would buy it.
   The cartoonish look is very welcomed and it all blends in very nicely. The replayability is high for only one reason. This reason is because of the items, hardly any player that got the game would play the game just to play the game. Although the game gives and original idea, it is brought down by the frustrating difficulty and disappointing item unlocks for Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2. Texas Hold 'em is the game to go for as it seems that Omaha is rigged to go against your favor. This game is not worth the $5 unlike the first Poker Night at the Inventory. This game just doesn't have the same charm as the first one and didn't appeal to most audiences like the first one did.