Pokemon Black/White is just like any other game in the series. Catch monsters called Pokemon with special capsules called Pokeballs...you should know the rest.

The battle system still holds its old charm but now you have the option to join triple battles. These battles have you throw out three of your Pokemon but unlike double battles you only control one at a time. It's almost like roulette. You can change between your Pokemon by taking a turn to go right or left. I could honestly care less about this battle system though. You only have several chances to use it in game.

You play as a teenager (yeah not a child can you believe that?!) who is out to beat all the gym leaders and become the champion, you also have to stop Team Plasma who is out to destroy everything you love. I can't give too much detail or I'd be giving spoilers but the story goes much deeper and is very compelling. The end game is fun as well.

The game looks much better than its predecessors. The region has a pleasant look to it and I find the style of Pokemon in this generation to be well...much better that the last. Pokemon now have in battle animation and the overall look of the game is fascinating (for a Pokemon game)

The music and sounds were beautiful.

You also have what is called a C-Gear on the bottom screen. This allows for one of the neatest features in the game, Infared Connection. This allows you to connect with someone next to you by simply pointing both systems at each other. After both systems register you can move freely and trade Pokemon, battle, or trade friend codes. I found this to be very useful with friends at school. But if you're not next to a friend you can always use wireless communications.

Connecting your game online gives you access to the Pokemon Dream World which allows you to get Pokemon with special abilities that can only be found there. It reminds me of Neopets or any other online site where you play mini games with some creature. It's an interesting feature but it's not needed.

The online capabilities are nice and it makes it 10 times easier to finish your Pokedex. Nintendo has also been giving away Pokemon pretty regularly, so that's a nice plus.

Overall I love this game and in general it's my favorite in the entire series by far. If you love Pokemon this is a must. If your new to the series it's a great time to start.