When I first saw a new Pokemon game coming out i thought it looked stupid. Not only did most of the character models suck, but they weren't even original. An ice cream cone Pokemon? seriously? then after a while my friends started to talk about it. they said it was great. then i read some reviews, which were pretty decent. i decided to check out the game, and went to Gamestop to pick it up. since then, i have been glued to my DS, waiting for a new monster to pop out of the grass. although some of the Pokemon just look dumb, its still a great game. the only real problems I have had was with the internet connection. little did i know, that it was because of the earthquakes in japan. not to go off topic, but when i found that out i kind of didn't really care about the internet connection. the reason i am giving this game an 8.75, is because the story is great, and there is plenty to do, but the Pokemon aren't as great as the classic yellow mouse we all love. Can't wait till spring when the Global Link goes up again. I would definately recommend this to any Pokemon fan!