I did plan to get Pokemon White.  I wanted to get it after a month or two before I got my pokeballs ready but, after all the postive reviews I got it on March 7th.  Pokemon B\W are the 5th main series of Pokemon.  After playing the game for over 80 hours all I have to say is Wow.

Normally Pokemon games have suckish story's but, B\W say SCREW THAT!  While the core gameplay remains somewhat unchanged the story is very serious.  Team Plasma plans to cut peoples access to pokemon because they believe that the creatures just want to break away.  While this may sound crazy it lends itself to a more creative story.  Thats not to say that the story is all new though.  You still have to fight the gyms, catch pokemon, and battle others.  And the gym leaders finally play a role in the story.  Overall, the games story is the best pokemon tale to date.  

Everyone can play pokemon except good old granny.  You catch pokemon and use them in battle.  They learn new attacks,mature, and evolve into stronger creatures.  The Unova region has to have the coolest *** pokemon since the johto region.  There are 156 new monsters to capture and almost all of then are creativly designed.  Another postive is that until the final battle youll only find the new pokemon so you never know what to expect in the next area.  Pokemon is a turn base RPG that has some species of pokemon top others.  they also have double,triple, and even reverse battles added to the mix thats adds some really nice variety.  overall Pokemon B\W have the best pokemon mechanics to date.  Just be ready for a challenge.  B\W are very hard games so be ready for some grinding.

Pokemon has never been a great graphical game but, B\W escape from the norm.  There are many 3D\2D sections in the game that look very nice.  By the way, be prepared to run across ALOT of bridges cause there are so many in the game.  Castellia City especially looks good thanks to all the huge buildings.  The Battle system was also recreated and all the old as well as new pokemon move.  It gives some nice realism to a already pretty game.  The music is also good and very catchy.

Pokemon B\W are the best RPG's in recent memory.  The game looks great, plays great, sounds great, and is just overall well GREAT.  B\W shouldn't be missed especially for pokemon fans cause you won't wanta miss out on all these cool pokemon.  It easily the best Pokemon game and DS.  It just might be the best portable RPG ever made!





Presentation- 9.5

Overall- 9.75

TranceRule-Whats your favorite pokemon game and why?  Tell me in the comments.  Mine is White cause of all the cool new pokemon!