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Pokemon SoulSilver Blog Guidelines
  • My Name Is Silver

    When it was the era of Gameboy Color, it was a great time indeed. For Xmas, my dad didn't know he had to buy two Pokemon Silver's, one for me, and one for my older brother because everyone knows you can't share A pokemon game. I was very sad... More
  • Johto comes back with a vengeance.

    The second generation of Pokemon was well loved for a good reason. This game features everything you loved from the original but with shiny new graphics. The story is mostly the same but compared to Black/White it's not as exciting. All the old Second... More
  • One of the Best DS Games

    Pokemon SoulSilver Version is one of the best DS games. It has good graphics, very fun gameplay, and lots of cool pokemon. Pokemon SoulSilver is a very long game. After you beat the the Pokemon League, you got to Kanto to collect more gym badges. The... More
  • Wait, I Played This on My GameBoy Color.

    This is a great game but, GameFreak obviously ran out of ideas and re-did a a classic Pokemon title. I really liked it because I never played the oringinal on a GameBoy so this was my chance to play a great game. One bad thing was my brother blasted through... More
  • Good but not enough excitment

    I absolutely loved this game when i first got it! Then after i beat the first region (which was really easy) it got pretty boring. I got my guys up high enough to not want to start over, so i tried to keep playing. I haven't played it for atleast... More
  • Still catchin 'em all!

    SoulSilver was so much fun for me and my fellow pokemates (cheesy, I know). Nintendo did a great job bringing back probably the best pokemon game ever. The updated graphics and fun gear items made this a worthy to buy game. It's also fun to try and... More
  • Soulsliver is second only to the origonal Sliver

    Soulliver is second only to the origonal sliver so happy about soulsliver it changed nothing I loved about it and only added to it and it gave that nostalgia felling after i played to but it s not the origonal so it dosen't get props for all the amazing... More
  • Pokemon Soulsilver Review

    I had the original version on my gameboy when it came out (and I still have it) and loved it. I could sit for hours and play that game! The best part about that game (and soulsilver) is that you have 2 regions to go through instead of 1 This remake does... More
  • New but Old

    I love the whole pokemon franchise and all of its glory. These re-makes were very enjoyable but it did not give me the feeling I did when I play a new generation. It is almost the same exact thing as Gold and Silver but with Nintendo DS features, which... More
  • Buy This Game

    Great Game in all. BUT if you are one of those people eho likesto complete the game to 100%, trust me, it is near impossible to find all 493 pokemon i have had the game from the minute and even with trading all my pokemon up from my GameBoy ones and from... More
  • A great game, with an even greater idea: The Pokewalker!

    I really love Pokemon, and this is a great entry in a fantastic franchise. The Pokewalker makes exercise fun again, too! Overall, this game is worth the 40 dollars. So if you want a great, new DS game, make it this one. More
  • Pokemon: Soulsilver

    This is a classic Pokemon game that all loyal fans should own. Reminds me of the previous three games (Platinum, Pearl, Diamond), but with the traits of Pokemon Silver and Gold versions. Pokemon is still a great franchise and no matter how old you are... More