When it was the era of Gameboy Color, it was a great time indeed. For Xmas, my dad didn't know he had to buy two Pokemon Silver's, one for me, and one for my older brother because everyone knows you can't share A pokemon game.  I was very sad to know that my brother got the game and I got Donkey Kong but still it was the old school Donkey Kong Country that everyone knows and loves. I was extremely upset because ALLLLL of my friends were playing Pokemon on their gameboys, I was left out. But after two weeks it was my 8th birthday AND....I.....GOT.....THE GAME!!!! My brother and my friends were two weeks ahead of me, I caught up in two days. I never played a game that sucked me in that much and I am still sucked in today.

When Firered and Leafgreen came out it was cool but I was waiting for the big ones, Soul Silver and Heart gold. Soul Silver brung all those days of old back to me and I felt like I was 8 years old again. The graphics look great and your pokemon following you was even more cooler, The feel of the game was the same and it def smack down the old Silver and Gold. One addition that was REALLY cool was when you beat the Elite Four, you can find a guy that gives you an Item that lets you switch between Old school music from the 1998 Pokemon game or modernday music.

I still play this game and I hope one day my children will play it. I gave it a 10 because It deserves it, who cares about the online additions, your little dude is following you, the scenery looks amazing, and the Neo Pokemon are back and looking better than ever.