A Pokemon spinoff is never as good as the core games, but I had high expectations. After seeing multiple episodes of giancarplomango11's hilarious commentaries for them, I was sold. Also, I was desperate for something new in the series- Black and White were beaten long ago. I should have known what I was in for.

 The game begins with a toy Pikachu on a tower, and it beats up Snivies, Tepgs, Oshuwatts, and a Victini. Then- oh joy- an unbeatable boss- a Zekrom! The story goes downhill from there, with the main villain, Cobalion, being a good guy trying to stop the Dark Rust! It seems like this game used every bad plot twist other then "She's a boy"!

 The combat is top notch. Each Pokemon may have two attacks at a time, creating a balance of attack and defense moves. The AI  is intelligent, but suffers due to they having to charge up their attacks. The Battle Royal is a fu way to end things in part one, with harder foes that attack you and each other. Finally, the bosses are cool- looking, but overpowered- which does not help in the later levels, as they appear on each part.

 The late  game scenario is unbalanced and unfair. There is a lack levels where you may catch Pokemon, forcing you to use hit and run tactics in a small space. The final boss is also way too easy- Cobalion practically destroys it. The post game is also pretty bad, with legendaries nonstop. The staple mechanics also do not  work. Pokemon cannot get stronger- as you progress, one cannot use the Victini, unless they want be killed in one attack.  To evolve your Pokemon. one must release 7 of the same Pokemon. The bigger problem is how you catch them. Unless the foe is dizzy, you have to hope like heck that you get it. There are also no useable (in battle) items.

 Streetpass works well with this title. As people pass you, they will give you money, and add themselves to a count. Each time you hit a certain number, a rare Pokemon appears, but those have not stat or move advantages- they are like the rest. You may also battle the passerby's Pokemon. This sounds fun, and it is if it's even, but if the foe is farther ahead, you might as well call it quits.

 Pokemon Rumble Blast is not a bad game. It is far from it. It still has many flaws, though. While most of the combat, the music, the graphics, and the 3D are great, its flaws bring it down. I can only say this title is good for  Pokemaniacs and one looking for a decent top down beat em up. Unlike the core games, this one was changing a lot- only to land on its face.