The Pokemon series has been one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. Everytime a new Pokemon game comes out, people get excited. Pokemon Black lives up to the hype and passes my expectations for it in some areas. Pokemon Black is one of the last DS games released. Luckily, it sends the DS off with a bang.

The first thing people will notice about Pokemon Black is that there are a lot of new pokemon. All of the pokemon(in the main game) are brand new. There are no "old" pokemon in the main game. While at first this sounds bad, it all works together very well. Many people have complained about the pokemon. However, the pokemon grow on you. Pokemon Black continues the standard Pokemon gameplay. If you have played a pokemon game before you will feel right at home.The game has made a lot of things easier. The pokemon center and the pokemart are both in the same building, the menu is more organized, and the health indicator moves at a faster pace. Besides that, not much as changed in the gameplay aspect.

Pokemon Black has some of the best graphics I've ever seen on the DS. The game has many beautiful 3D views. The  games has a lot of bridges. You don't understand what I mean when I say the game has a lot of bridges. Bridges are everywhere! The developers definitely were trying to impress us with the 3D graphics (It worked =D). The sprites are much more animated than in past games. While the opponent's pokemon's sprite looks good, your pokemon's sprite does not look very good at all. It's very pixelated. Houses look better than ever and the cities and towns actually feel like real places.

Pokemon Black has the best story in any pokemon game by far. I was shocked by how good the story was. The story asks a lot of moral questions. Team Plasma (The Villainous Team) has really unique motives. They say that pokemon should be released. It's interesting that they address the issue of capturing pokemon, since people have always joked about how pokemon are slaves.  The story has some big plot twists. Pokemon Black also has outstanding music. I stopped many times just to listen to the music. I don't remember playing a game that sounded this good.

My only major complaint about Pokemon Black is that the Elite Four is SO weak! They are just a breeze to beat! Their team is underleveled. While in past games the Elite Fpur had pokemon at very high levels, these pokemon just aren't at a very high level. Their pokemon aren't particularly strong either. The Elite Four just doesn't have the "wow" factor it had had in previous installments. I was able to completely dominate them with an underleveled team. The Elite 4 were so cool in the past. They had awesome personalities and they were top notch trainers. While they still have awesome personalities, their just not hard at all. While I don't want them to be too hard, I want them to be difficult. They are just not a big challenge. However, the final boss makes up for it. The game ends with an awesome and difficult boss fight. The final boss fight is a suprise. I won't say who it is for spoiler reasons, but I did not expect the final boss fight to be who it was.

Even thought Pokemon Black isn't a perfect game, it's one of the best games I've played in a long time. If it wasn't for pixelated back sprites and a weak Elite 4, i would have to seriously consider giving it a perfect score. Pokemon Black is the best DS game I have played.  What seperates Pokemon Black from previous installments is that it is just different. A lot of things have changed in a good way. It's the perfect way to send off the best selling video game system of all time.