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It Does What Nintendogs Don't

While Sony's new pet simulator for Vita shares some, shall we say, distinct conceptual similarities with Nintendogs, it does appear to push the formula forward on a number of fronts.

In a new trailer released today, you can see that the game is a bit more expansive than the bare-bones (get it? dogs love bones!) Nintendogs games. In addition to the usual playing around with your pet, you'll be able to go for walks in a number of unique areas like a castle and discover treasures and other items. The game also uses the Vita's external camera to let your dog "play" in the real world - a neat little trick.

Oh, and the dogs have voices. Do they ever. To be honest, even in this trailer, some of them got to be a bit grating, but we'll have to reserve judgment for now.

  • wat .-.

  • I can't take any more cutesy, I'm gonna explode! (Explodes into rainbows)


  • Looks fun. Unfortunately giving them voices is only going to make me even guiltier when I neglect to feed them.

  • Seriously?!?! No Sonic CD Vita edition?! This is crap. Trying to chase the Casual Market, eh Sony? How about you talk to Sega about making Sonic CD for the Vita with Knuckles? And before you ask. Yes, I do want more Sonic games for the Vita. But how about using the Sonic 3 and Knuckles 16-Bit Sprites for Sonic CD, and make Knuckles playable.
  • The voices for this game just seem so out of place. They couldn't just make the game, without the pets talking to you? Don't get me started on the outfitting of the pets either. Yikes!!

  • for me, the voices... are very bad idea...but, in some case its good...

  • Finally a game to validate my Vita purchase.
  • Hmm... I suppose it pushes some things forward, but...

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  • Finally, the killer app.

  • I hate this game on the sole reason that they talk.

  • If you can disable the voices this game might be tolerable.

  • Man too much dogs these days. There is a Nintendog, a naughty dog, sleeping dogs, a dog in the new COD, there is just too much!!
  • Um, where are the cats? I WANT CATS!