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It Does What Nintendogs Don't

While Sony's new pet simulator for Vita shares some, shall we say, distinct conceptual similarities with Nintendogs, it does appear to push the formula forward on a number of fronts.

In a new trailer released today, you can see that the game is a bit more expansive than the bare-bones (get it? dogs love bones!) Nintendogs games. In addition to the usual playing around with your pet, you'll be able to go for walks in a number of unique areas like a castle and discover treasures and other items. The game also uses the Vita's external camera to let your dog "play" in the real world - a neat little trick.

Oh, and the dogs have voices. Do they ever. To be honest, even in this trailer, some of them got to be a bit grating, but we'll have to reserve judgment for now.

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  • Oh man, those voices...

  • lol

  • Does it upset anyone this is like tomagachi pets. Like the Vita is the strongest handheld gaming system and where going back to the early 2000's for tomagachi pets.
  • It's funny how people say "Nintendo is crap" but yet still the follow all their games.

  • Maybe it's just me but I NEED this game, if only for those cheesy voices

  • Releases like these aren't convincing me to buy a Vita... At this rate, if it already isn't, the Vita will become the Wii U of handhelds (Interesting technology, not enough support).
  • Love the article title!!!!!!!Nice homage to the sega days

  • "I don't think I would like this Casual-Game-Clearly-Aimed-At-Little-Kids," said all the older commenters on the GameInformer website who by nature enjoy more hardcore games. Then they continued, "Obviously the game is just not good at all because it's not aimed at me and doesn't cater to my interests."

    Srsly guys you're smarter than this.

  • OH, HO, HO my dog is so going to be named Scooby and wear a sweet sweater vest while we explore castles and solve mysteries :D

  • If I can give my dog a set of armor and a sword when i take it to the dog park...sold. Now, purchasing the vita....that's another story.

  • Mod

    If it werent for the talking i think i'd be more interested.


  • This game should be titled:

    Cynical check-box survey by room full of Sony executives.

    Because that's all I see. When something is trying so hard to have "heart", it only becomes all the more obvious it doesn't.

  • FACT: Nintendogs actually had a walk your dog feature FACT: It was only a small town like area FACT: You could only really do this if you were in connection range of other walking players FACT: No one cares about these games

  • Sony copies Nintendo again. I'm shocked
  • Matt - loved the "bones" joke. Great work.

  • ...Why do they talk?

  • They are super cute... But I hate talking animals... Barking is bad enough, but now you expect me to deal with them actually saying words? I think not...

  • I would get this for my daughter .....she will love this.... The Vita is not only for Older gamers... So why are people acting like it is.... Gamers come in all ages....

  • Aw I can't wait to get this. I loved Nintendodogs. Which reminds me that I haven't fed them in like 10 years... Lol