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It Does What Nintendogs Don't

While Sony's new pet simulator for Vita shares some, shall we say, distinct conceptual similarities with Nintendogs, it does appear to push the formula forward on a number of fronts.

In a new trailer released today, you can see that the game is a bit more expansive than the bare-bones (get it? dogs love bones!) Nintendogs games. In addition to the usual playing around with your pet, you'll be able to go for walks in a number of unique areas like a castle and discover treasures and other items. The game also uses the Vita's external camera to let your dog "play" in the real world - a neat little trick.

Oh, and the dogs have voices. Do they ever. To be honest, even in this trailer, some of them got to be a bit grating, but we'll have to reserve judgment for now.

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  • ...heard about this on hard news man why waste money on designing these kinds of games on the vita :/

    eh anyways i'm sure other people might like this
  • Saying that this looks better than Nintendogs isn't saying much.
  • It scares me. Something about dogs talking loses all their cuteness.
  • Hopefully this raises the woof for pet games.
  • I hate to be that guy, but "It does what Nintendogs Don't" makes no sense, it should be "It does what Nintendogs doesn't". Sorry, had to point it out.
  • I hate the voices. So, so much. The minute and a half was enough to dissuade me from this game forever.
  • Even the name rips off of Nintendogs. And the voices. WHY?
  • I refuse to watch the video simply because the screenshot that is currently displayed is of doggy dress-up. Dressing our pets in ridiculous clothes is the worst thing to come out of animal domestication... EVER.
  • wow.  i wonder if you'll get one dog per game, and have to buy multiple games.

  • i came here to laugh at the vita. and remember why i dont own or have  a need for one.

  • Oh my... The voices were a bad idea...
  • Where's Clear Sarcasm when you need him?
  • ...I really hope Sony has got better software lined up for the Vita than this.

    They're gonna need a lot more to compete with the 3DS, anyway.

  • This looks like another idea copied from nintendo
  • I really want to want a Vita. Games like this one do nothing to get me closer to the cash register to make the purchase.
  • LOL, thanks GI for some comical relief. Wait a tick, it's not April 1st. So this article must be legit. We're all doomed!

  • Do you have to pick up your dog's *** during walks? If you dont, then Ill happily trade mine in for a copy of this game!
  • Sold, I am now going to buy a Vita just for this fantastic looking title.

  • I might take a look at this, but those voices are horrible.

  • Hahahahahahahahahah!!! Wow...

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