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  • Why does this game warrant a 7.5?  Because just from reading the review something in the upper 8's would have been expected.  I mean there were only 4 listed gameplay complaints, the stage changes, it gets boring alone, its irritating to only kill enemies with the super powers, and stock takes to long.  The other ones are that its a clone of Super Smash Bros Brawl, which considering the genre would be hard to avoid, and that the roster is shallow.  I've seen games that get 9's that have more complaints and go more in depth.  So does anybody know anything specific, or are those 4-5 sentences permanently dropping the game to a 7.5?  Because the way they're presented in the review  is that they're not that big of a deal.

  • In the end if you enjoy the game then what does a .5 difference make?

  • Its all opinion, that's why I never go off reviews. I just look at them for information. I would have given the game a 9. As for the roster being shallow, that's no big deal it's the first time Sony has released a game like this. Also, the supers make the game play compared to Super Smash Bros. completely different, instead of just beating someone up your going to have to think because if all you do is chain combos, someone from behind will kill you. Stock isn't too slow if you try to super everyone while they attack each other.

  • If at least 3 people rate this game a 10 and give great reasons and opinions, this game could go from a 7.50 rating to a 9. One thing to keep in mind though is that they total the average of reviews based on rating AND opinions, not just the rating, so don't look to that for a great rating. I will rate this game a 10 IF they put in more costumes, taunts, intros, etc. If not, I'll still rate it a ten because it's AWESOME.

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