Battle royale is a game of many Playstation heroes that seems to stand well. First the controls are easy and mostly all similar to eachother with slight differences on each character. The graphics on the characters aren't the best but look pretty well and especially the maps too look very well. Many people should know at least one of these characters as they range from Ps1 Medieval's Sir Daniel, ps vita's Kat, ps2 jak and daxter, and of course ps3 character such as Kratos and Sackboy. And with DLC they come out with new maps and characters every few months to keep the action going. The game more seems to fit for partys and with online friends. one thing that puts down the game is that some characters are unbalanced and that to kill another player, you must use a super attack which seems a bit weird to do. Overall the game feels great to play online/offline with friends, get that happy feeling of your favorite character, and well working graphics although there are some unbalances.