Many people have said that this game is either almost completely like The Super Smash Bros. Franchise, or really, really close to it. People have also said that this game sucks. I'd like to agree to disagree with those opinions. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is it's own some ways. It doesn't really steal the idea do Brawl or Melee however, because, come on, how many people have done that aside from Nintendo? Street Fighter X Tekken, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosison, both XL and regular.  It's unique, which is mainly a good thing, with few errors. 

Graphics: Highly detailed, from Kratos' paint and muscles, to even cute little sack boy's fuzzy material.

Sound: Really one of r only things I dislike, but it only for a few characters. I know that Cole's voice changes in Infamous 2, but if it's the same voice in Battle Royale,(I've only played/beat the first game) that ,ight hinder my chances of enjoying it. Otherwise it's the usual actors of their games. Nolan North is still Nathan Drake, Sy Cooper sounds like Sly, etc.

Concept: Similar to Brawl's, but slightly different. Master Hand is replaced by.... Some purple headed dude who somehow has beef with every character on the game? 

Replay Value:High

Overall, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is a fun game. Even though I mainly play it by myself, I personally love fighting games, and throwing in PS3 Exclusive characters seems to work. On me, at least. Look, the game isn't perfect, but hardly any games are. (Excluding Halo 4 and Sly Cooper Thieves In Time) Yes, this game doesn't really have a story, or much of an original concept, but this game is still awesome. Even for Brawl fans, you shouldn't try to knock it just because you don't like or have a PS3. But if you're a newcomer to a PS3, this game could get you started on some characters.