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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Final Boss Revealed

A new trailer showing the intro to the game (see below) reveals the final boss for Sony's upcoming fighter. Remember Polygon Man? Of course you don't. Polygon Man was originally used as the mascot for the original PlayStation pre-launch marketing strategy, but was eventually dropped entirely.

“Polygon Man was going to be this iconic brand that would talk in various media to consumers as this kind of next-gen type spokesman," then president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison in an interview with Edge in 2009.

Surprised? Think Sony could have found a better end boss? Let us know in the comments below. We also have a complete list of the entire roster available here.

  • Huh.

  • uhhh.... wait. isn't that Andross from Star Fox?
  • So similar to the Polygon fighters from Smash Bros. I guess it would be derivative if Sony didn't have that development history behind it.

  • The entire roster of this game is just underwhelming to me. Comes off with a bunch of desperate grab-bag of 3rd party characters because Sony didn't feel that their own properties were strong enough on their own.
  • Mod
    I actually think it's a great idea.
  • Given that this game is an homage to the Playstation and its history, I think this is a very fitting final boss. I think it would tie the whole game together.
  • The trailer was pretty cool, but when you have to take the time to explain who the final boss is, it's a bad choice.

  • lol I thought it was alduin from the darker photo
  • So the Boss in Smash Bros. is a hand, and the Boss in Battle Royale is a head?
  • I dont know why people are so mad about this game... i think its really cool and can be BETTER than smash bross
  • epic fail!... who what... WTF??
  • Wow, great trailer. Although I was never excited for this game (mainly because I do not own a PS3) this trailer is very enticing.
  • Can't wait! Didn't like the beta characters, but I really want this to be awesome!

  • The boss should have been the PlayStation 9.
  • So, instead of "Master Hand" it's "Master Face?"
  • Just for a second, I thought it was Sinistar.
  • Seems too obscure, but I don't know who else they would have used.
  • Its me.
  • Well, that's interesting and really obscure.

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